Traffic Island Gardens

Our Traffic Triangles have become Island Gardens supporting pollinators and welcoming residents and visitors alike


TRAFFIC island @ Bryn Mawr ave and Old gulph rd

In the spring and summer of 2015, Penn Valley Civic advanced a rehabilitation of our largest traffic triangle.  Non-native and invasive species were removed and compost was added before Mark Shaw of Bartlett Tree Experts kindly aerated the soil around the anchoring locust tree. With the exception of daffodil, summer snowflake and allium bulbs, all of our perennials are U.S. natives that support pollinators.  They include the following.

Traffic island @ Hagys Ford Road and Righter's Mill Road

In the fall of 2015, PVCA officers enthusiastically renovated our little traffic triangle near Penn Valley Elementary. We chose mostly native perennials along with cultivars and pollinator friendly plants that we think will provide wildlife value and multi-season interest as well as maintain driver visibility at this sometimes challenging intersection.  In addition to annual zinnias and spider flower (cleome), you'll see the following perennials.

Traffic Island at Centennial and Righters Mill

This little island is under renovation.  In the spring of 2017, garden volunteers, Michelle Detwiler, Ellen Briggs and June Lauer weeded this garden and planted plugs of golden ragwort, a deer-resistant, native evergreen ground cover.  Thanks to Ellen for donating plugs from the thriving garden at the West Mill Creek Park!  We will continue to pull the weeds while it fills in.  Thank you for your patience.  Email us at if you'd like to help with maintenance of this garden. We'd love to hear from a neighbor close to this location willing to keep an eye on it.