Can you find the following native species in the Penn Valley Mural?

Penn Valley communty mural design_28 Sept 18.jpg


White oak - Supports over 500 species of butterflies and moths! Most ecologically valuable tree in our area.

Sassafras - Host plant for the spicebush swallowtail butterfly

Sycamore - Majestic tree with beautifully mottled bark. Usually found near water.

Dogwood - Birds love the berries!

Beech - Sign of a mature woodland

Serviceberry - Berries for birds, beauty for humans


Christmas fern - A nearly evergreen native fern found on cool, wooded slopes

Bloodroot - Spring ephemeral found in rich woodlands

Goldenrod - Top perennial for late-season pollinators.  Does not cause allergies.

Violets - Host plant for fritillary butterflies

Virginia creeper (vine with berries) - Host for 8 spotted Forrester moth

Swamp milkweed - Favorite milkweed of monarch caterpillars in the mid-Atlantic

Perennial sunflowers - Late season pollinator favorite

New York ironweed - Beautiful purple flowers for butterflies, deer resistant

Mushrooms - Abundant and spectacularly diverse in Eastern North America


Downy woodpecker - Our smallest woodpecker.  Leave dead tree trunks for nesting cavities.

Baltimore oriole - Beautiful fruit-loving bird.  Look high in the tops of trees to spot them.

Cedar waxwing - Plant native berry bushes such as dogwood, serviceberry, hawthorn, and winterberry to attract these birds.

Lepidoptera and Hymenoptera

Spicebush swallowtail butterfly - Will only lay eggs on native spicebush or sassafras trees.

Monarch caterpillar - Species of concern for diminishing numbers due to habitat loss

Leopard moth - Our largest Eastern tiger moth.  Keep your night lights off to protect moths.

Spring azure butterfly - Females lay eggs in the buds of Dogwood trees.

Green sweat bee - An important wild pollinator of commercial crops and native plants

8 spotted Forrester moth - Virginia creeper hosts young moths.

Pearl crescent butterfly - Plant native asters if you want to see these beauties.


Field mouse

Red fox

White tailed deer

Eastern grey squirrel